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Claudia Westby
Krzysztof Bielikowicz
Patricia Jacob
Sam Smith
Seojin Park
Tamara Stemberga

About Dara

At causaLens, we've set our sights on an exciting mission: creating decisionOS, a platform that empowers organizations with trusted, collaborative, and actionable decision-making powered by Causal AI.

To bring our vision to life, we've been scouting some cool application frameworks. Our aim is to highlight our causal tech in a simple and interactive way while offering actionable insights. We wanted something that would allow us to build performant low-code web apps which:

  • have the capabilities to visualize and explore the data structures via Causal Graphs
  • are easy to use and maintain by Data Scientists and Engineers alike
  • are customizable, extensible and scalable
  • can be easily integrated with our existing tech stack

The outcome is Dara, a dynamic application framework designed for creating interactive web apps with ease, all in pure Python. Dara has fueled the development of hundreds of apps, now widely used and appreciated by both our customers and our in-house teams!

Dara, which signifies "pearls of wisdom" - we hope that Dara will help you build your own shiny apps!

The Team

Dara is maintained by a diverse team of engineers with different backgrounds and experiences. We are passionate about building great products and we are excited to share our journey with you!