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Build decision-making apps in Python

Tap into the power of causality with interactive graphs and applications

Stepping into action is as easy as snapping your fingers!

$ pip install create-dara-app

$ create-dara-app

And that is it! Check out docs for next steps

Easy Development

Dara was born out of a real need for quick app making and has enabled development of 100s of apps.

The framework allows you to get started within a few minutes, and evolve into creating complex apps that effortlessly look good.

You can even extend the framework with your own components by writing custom CSS and JavaScript.

app example with charts
graph showing complex structure with multiple nodes and edges

Graph Visualizations

Enhance your apps by seamlessly integrating components that let you visualize, tweak, and explore intricate Causal Graphs.

It's like getting a whole new perspective on your data, unraveling its hidden structures!Learn more about Causal Graphs!With a variety of graph layouts at your disposal, you can spot fascinating patterns from various angles.

Move Beyond Dashboards

Transitioning from basic, static dashboards that lack user interaction to sophisticated multi-page applications brimming with interactive elements feels like a breeze!

And the best part?

You can keep the code maintainable while still achieving almost native web app performance.

app example with mixture of components: cards, tables, plots, selects

Looking for more?


Boost your decision making with decisionOS

With decisionOS, you can create, deploy and manage applications backed by Causal AI to enhance decision-making workflows. All in one place.

Causal AI Integration

Build Trusted Models
Explore “what-if” scenarios and understand the “why” of model outcomes.

Translate model outcomes into recommendations
Generate recommendations while building trust through interpretability.

Embed out-of-the-box components capable of: algorithmic recourse, fairness, effect estimation and root cause analysis.


Remote Development
Develop Apps and jupyter notebooks remotely in decisionOS.

Dara API
Providing native APIs to push data and context between notebooks and apps - enabling rapid collaboration between disparate groups.

Job Queue
To enhance your apps scalability offload heavy and CPU intensive tasks into external sources.


Manage, monitor and share your running apps through a unified platform.

Enterprise Integration
Control the access to your apps using SSO.

File Management
Manage the data (yes, even large data) your apps use with a user-friendly file system without the need for external storage.